Dani Admiss Sunlight Doesn't Need a Pipeline (2022). Low-Carbon Design by Studio Hyte.

Dani Admiss

Sunlight Doesn’t Need A Pipeline

Onsite & Online: One-Day Festival, Community Programme & Website


Sunlight Doesn’t Need A Pipeline is a collaborative literacy and climate justice project in search of transformative and regenerative repair. A coalition of art workers, agitators, dream weavers, growers and caregivers have co-created a holistic and ever-growing decarbonisation plan for the art sector and beyond.

Transitioning to a low-carbon planet will affect every facet of daily life but the current paths to decarbonisation, presented to us by politicians, regulators and CEOs, have numerous trade-offs and uncertainties. From Net-Zero fantasies, financialisation of nature to a burn now pay later attitude, each top-down route either reinforces a market-based and extractive approach to the environment, ignores varied individual needs, vulnerabilities and histories, or harms as opposed to protect the planet in its various entanglement of environmental, social, political and sacred ways of being.

Sunlight Doesn’t Need a Pipeline sees the climate emergency as a social and political problem, as well as an environmental one. It recognises the interconnectedness of struggles, and in doing so, works to reclaim repair as an initial step towards healing. What does a just transition look like? And how can we heal the imagined future and broken relationships of the present?

Through collective study our coalition asks questions such as: How can intergenerational wealth help communities in the face of climate emergency? What would it mean if we took museums “to the orchards”? What configurations of life are possible after restitution? Is it possible to replace carbon literacy with love?

Together we call for solutions to the climate crisis that not only reduce emissions but create a fairer and more just world in the process.

The plan is a gift to all art workers in their own decarbonisation journeys. Gratitude and solidarity to all our contributing artists, researchers, activists, communities, participants and partners.

Sunlight Doesn’t Need A Pipeline One-Day Festival / Friday 7 October 2022:

Sunlight Doesn’t Need A Pipeline community festival and teach-in featuring commissioned talks, performances, film screenings, refreshments and music, as well as a public vote where the community will decide on a decarbonisation plan for the Gallery.

Including contributions from Chanelle Adams, Elena Agudio, Amazoner Arawak, Apex Zero, Maxwell Ayamba, Araceli Camargo, Lauren Doughty, Hazel Falck, Ellie Harrison, Susannah Haslam, Marija Bozinovska Jones, Sarah Mady, Lou-Atessa Marcellin, Samuel Onalo, Sean Roy Parker, Anne Pasek, Luiza Prado, Charles Pryor, Megha Ralapati, Oliver Ressler, Studio Hyte, Tatjana Söding, Shridhar Sudhir, Cecilia Wee, Heba ElSharkawy, The Grange, Writers’ Kingston, The Community Brain, Hogsmill Community Garden, Kingston’s Stylophone Orchestra, The NewBridge Project, The Networked Condition, Platform London, Kingston Stylophone Orchestra, Save the World Club and more!

Visit www.sunlightdoesntneedapipeline.com for full festival schedule. A recording of the live streamed festival will be published on our website.

Sunlight Doesn’t Need A Pipeline Community Programme / October 2022:

Following the festival, through the whole of October 2022 our local community are invited to use the Gallery spaces to stage activities relating to Sunlight Doesn’t Need A Pipeline, all public activities are listed below. Currently including Community Brain, Creative Youth, Flowers We Gift to Ukraine, Hogsmill Community Garden and Kingston HIVE and more. Please contact the Gallery to find out how you can also get involved.

Lobby Display: Thurs 13-Fri 21 October 11-5pm. Join us in the Gallery’s Lobby for exhibition & drop-in A-cross by Ariadne’s Thread, a Polish-Ukrainian support group that helps to preserve cultural heritage and promote a brighter future through creativity.

Workshop: Tues 18 October 11-12:30pm. Join Dr Heba Elsharkawy, Kingston School of Art Head of Department Architecture & Landscape, for Net Zero Carbon Communities – how can we achieve this? that will introduce the national and local agendas for Net Zero Carbon agenda and produce localised interventions to help achieve the net zero carbon targets. Click here to book a free ticket on Eventbrite.

Workshop: Thurs 20 October 2-5pm. Led by Dr Paul Mickelthwaite, Kingston School of Art MA Sustainable Design, Localise! Sustaining where we are now is a workshop that will reflect on how, and what, we move through the world. Click here to book a free ticket on Eventbrite.

Lobby Display: Tues 24-Sat 29 October 11-5pm. The Gallery’s Lobby space will be taken over by The Grange Trash Monster an ambitious installation using recycled plastics to create a sculptural costume.

Workshop: Wed 26 October 11-12:30pm. Join Hogsmill Community Garden for Garden Artclub where young artists will delve into the themes of nature through making windcatchers. Click here to book a free ticket on Eventbrite.

Workshop: Thurs 27 October 2-5pm. Creative Youth will host Printing for the Planet, a lino printing workshop at the Gallery and share your vision for a climate conscious arts sector. Click here for book a free ticket on Eventbrite.

All Day Event: Fri 28 October 11-5pm. Kingston HIVE will host Eco-Art Pop Up an exciting event raising awareness of the climate emergency and the importance of sustainability, featuring interactive games, local art, music and movement. Click here for book a free ticket on Eventbrite.

Sunlight Doesn’t Need A Pipeline Monthly Newsletters / March-September 2022:

In advance of the Sunlight Doesn’t Need A Pipeline festival and web-resource launch, Dani Admiss published elements of her Fellowship research in the form of a monthly newsletter. Read the Sunlight Doesn’t Need a Pipeline Monthly Messages here below:


Dani Admiss is a curator and researcher working across the fields of design, art, technology and science, and was appointed to the Stanley Picker Fellowships at Kingston University in 2020. Her approach is framed by world-making practices and community-based research prioritising these as lenses to explore alternative forms of curatorial practice.

Sunlight Doesn’t Need A Pipeline was commissioned by the Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University and supported by the Stanley Picker Trust and Arts Council England.