Localise! Sustaining where we are now

Localise! Sustaining where we are now

Thursday 20th October, 2:00pm – 5:00pm | All Welcome

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Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to be hosting Localise! Sustaining where we are now, a workshop by Paul Micklethwaite, course leader of MA sustainable design at Kingston School of Art. Come join us for a workshop that will reflect on how, and what, we move through the world.

Travel is an ‘elephant in the room’ with regards to our climate consciousness. Internationalism is positive, and protects us from the damaging consequences of an insular world view. But at what price? We know that fast and long-distance mobility has a high carbon cost, but we continue to do it for work, education and leisure.

A place-based approach to sustainability is increasingly evident around the world. Local solutions developed in one place may not travel well, however, challenging the desired universalism of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This workshop will explore the topic of international movement and mobility in relation to notions of unsustainability and the Climate Crisis.

Participants will be asked to consider their own points of origin, and what they can now contribute in, and for, Kingston.

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