Shift Register (Jamie Allen and Martin Howse) Earth Observatory Array Elements — Treak Cliff (2017), Digital Dark Ages curated by Dani Admiss at Abandon Normal Devices Festival 2017. Photography Chris Foster.
Joshua Portway and Lise Autogena Black Shoals Dark Matter (2016) Installation view. Big Bang Data at Somerset House curated by Dani Admiss. Photography Peter MacDiarmid.
Navine G Khan Dossos Georgiana Leonard (2018) installation view. Walk&Talk festival curated by Dani Admiss. Photography Mariana Lopes

Dani Admiss

Stanley Picker Fellow


Dani Admiss is a curator and researcher working across the fields of design, art, technology and science. Her approach is framed by world-making practices and community-based research prioritising these as lenses to explore alternative forms of curatorial practice.

Admiss will be exploring histories of contamination and ideas of purity, through micropollutants caused by the abundant use of chemicals in our daily lives. Her Fellowship project Cycles of Toxicity is a collaborative fabulation that brings together various communities to retrace the lives of chemical pollutants as they travel through bodies and ecosystems. 

Admiss has curated projects across the UK, Europe and internationally including at the Barbican Centre, Somerset House, MAAT, Lisbon and Lisbon Architecture Triennale.