Week 6

Canbury and Riverside Association and KSA Interior Design

6 - 12 July 2020

What will the community’s home, the boat, look like? How will it function as an adaptable, transformable space that allows the onboard group to grow and develop? BA Interior Design students at Kingston School of Art are producing innovative responses to these questions, and Canbury and Riverside Association will use this space to develop ideas and a dialogue around how this resource could be used, responding to the needs and aspirations of local people. The resulting architectural intervention will be built on and inside the boat, facilitating meetings, workshops and performances in autumn 2020.

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Canbury and Riverside Association

CARA is a non-political and voluntary organisation whose aims are the protection and enhancement of amenities within CARA area for the benefit of residents and visitors. Canbury Gardens, the park at the heart of CARA area, is popular and its facilities are well used. CARA volunteers campaign on key issues facing the area and organise occasional social events and projects, such as planting daffodils along the riverside. For more information visit Canbury and Riverside Association’s website.

CARA hopes that initially we can discuss and debate online the design and uses of the spaces on the boat developed by Kingston School of Art Interior Design. This resource (both online and the physical boat) we expect to be used to discuss and reflect on ideas that concern our community. It might become an alternative local meeting space, a stage or an open-air studio.

KSA Interior Design

“We investigate the existing, interrogate a problem, playfully speculate solutions, tell stories, create desires and bring designs to an innovative material & spatial resolution”

The BA Interior Design course at Kingston provides a creative environment for students and staff to rethink our constructed world; speculating how it can become more habitable, meaningful and sustainable. Our aim is to create environments & interactions that meet the needs & enrich the experience of modern life. Places that resonate with contemporary culture, anticipate change & enter into a meaningful dialogue with our past. Based on an in-depth understanding of people, materials, space and light our students learn how to craft environments that give meaning, form and identity to a rapidly changing world. We believe that Interior Design is a collaborative, social activity and we benefit from working with artists, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, community groups, developers, local authorities, brands and state institutions. Partnerships that enable us to explore the challenges of the future. Our graduates currently work at leading studios; creating environments, experiences and identities for major brands, seeking beauty in how things are made and remade and inventing spaces that tell stories and bring complex ideas to life. For more information visit our course website and Instagram.

Our part in The Origin project will be to provide a welcoming space accessible to all communities using the boat. The design both on top and within the interior is a unification of two designs from separate groups – BARBEL and PARSLI – made up of Level 5 interior design students. By exploring aspects of the river over time and local history, geography, urban development, and social change, we will reflect on how this can accommodate the needs and responses of the onboard community. The outcome of our communication throughout the week with CARA will ultimately contribute to how the boat is used. We hope the online dialogue will enhance the research and designs we have so far produced for the boat during the academic year. 

Students from KSA Interior Design: Alexandra Miškufová, Isobel Dungey, Lucy Bildstein, Freya Chapman, Megan Prior, Rosie Pryor.

Greg Epps: course leader of BA(Hons) Interior Design. Greg joined Kingston School of Art in 2013 after ten years of experience combining roles as a design practitioner and progressive educator. He studied Interior Design as an undergraduate followed by an MA at the Royal College. As a practitioner, Greg has worked at a broad range of multi-disciplinary design studios creating exhibitions, installations, retail environments, hospitality interiors and play and learning spaces. He is passionate about the distinct and important role designers can play in reshaping our built environment for the benefit of communities and the planet. Greg is currently the external examiner for courses at De Montfort and KLC and is an active member of the Interior Educators academic group for our subject in the UK.