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Yuri Suzuki Edition

Acid House is protest music. Born in Chicago, the addictive sound was imported to the UK and spread widely in youth culture during the 1980s ‘Second Summer of Love’. Artists such as KLF, Underground Resistance and Psychic TV all used Acid House/Techno to communicate their political activism or manifesto. Over thirty years on, Yuri Suzuki’s Acid Brexit effectively employs the genre to comment on Brexit and his position as a Japanese artist based for many years in the UK.

This special edition blue vinyl pressing, with cover design by Zoe Anspach, was released to coincide with the original Article 50 ‘Brexit’ deadline on Friday 29 March 2019.  Produced in association with Pentagram Design, Acid Brexit is also available to listen to for free online and is also accompanied by an animated video created by Jody Hudson-Powell and Luke Powell.

Yuri Suzuki was appointed Stanley Picker Design Fellow at Kingston University in 2016, with his solo exhibition Furniture Music staged at Stanley Picker Gallery in Spring 2018.

Oreet Ashery Edition

Edition of 20 + 5 APs (Artist Proofs)

Created to coincide with Stanley Picker Fellow Oreet Ashery’s solo exhibition Revisiting Genesis at the Gallery in 2016. Every edition is signed and numbered.

Oreet Ashery is a UK based interdisciplinary visual artist born in Israel, whose personally and politically charged exhibitions, performances, videos and writings are highly regarded internationally. Ashery works on public, community, educational and participatory projects that are both politically and socially engaged, and is particularly interested in gender, race and religion, ethnicity and identity. Ashery was awarded the prestigious Jarman Award in 2017.

Onkar Kular Edition

On the occasion of his exhibition Stanley Picker Creators Academy (SPCA) in 2016, Stanley Picker Fellow Onkar Kular produced this series of limited-edition mugs playing off the aesthetics and values of co-working and creative office hub spaces. The edition comes in eight designs each created by Kular in collaboration with Naho Matsuda.


Dora: Dialogues on Women’s Creative Practice and Thinking, edited by David Falkner, Fiona Fisher and Jeanine Richards, is published by Dorich House Museum and conceived as an ongoing platform for presenting research writing and practice.

This special cloth-bound folder, created by Ranch Design, includes an initial suite of Dora contributions by artists Oreet Ashery and Alexis Teplin and documentation of the Stanley Picker Gallery exhibition Dora (2015), featuring works by Dora Gordine selected by artists Fiona Banner, Cullinan Richards, Hilary Lloyd and Nicole Wermers.

All Dora Volume 1 contributions – including further pieces by Andrew Bick, Nadia Hebson, Fran Lloyd, Hilary Lloyd, Laura Mulvey and Penny Sparke – are also available to download for free at the Dorich House Museum website.

Fabien Cappello Edition

To accompany his Stanley Picker Fellowship exhibition Streetscape in 2015, product designer Fabien Cappello produced this limited edition keyring based upon the prototyped design of a bike stand presented in the Gallery and on the streets around Kingston upon Thames accompanying the exhibition.

This limited edition keyring is made of machine-cut steel with a dipped plastic coating in blue, yellow or grey-

Fabien Cappello is an award-winning furniture and product designer working across contexts from commercial objects to limited editions and the public space. He studied at the University of Art and Design (ECAL) in Lausanne, Switzerland and in 2009 obtained a Masters degree in Design Products at the Royal College of Art, London. Cappello was appointed Stanley Picker Fellow in 2013.


Strange Places: Urban Landscape Photography brings together 11 international contemporary artists who propose an alternative mapping of the globalized urban condition.

Edited and curated by Alexandra Stara, the artists in Strange Places are attracted to the boundaries and intersections of culture and nature, fact and fiction, private and public, producing work that reveals complex modes of inhabitation, appropriation, alienation and destruction.

Featuring artists Sabine Bitter/Helmut Weber, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Hannah Collins, Ori Gersht, Steffi Klenz, Sze Tsung Leong, Mark Power, Xavier Ribas, Heidi Specker, Thomas Weinberger and Rachel Wilberforce.


Published to accompany Pilots: Navigating Next Models of Design Education, a series of exploratory collaborative workshops staged at the Stanley Picker Gallery in 2013, led by Stanley Picker Fellows El Ultimo Grito and including an expanded network of contributors and collaborators.

Group-based learning, making through physical interaction and practical collaboration play fundamental roles within design development, but such activity is threatened within a formal education sector affected by social, technological, geographic, economic and cultural changes impacting its future. Pilots seeks to identify the questions that are to be addressed in order to adapt and respond to this radically changing environment and to provide the next models of design education.


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