The Decorators

Portal Tables


For their Stanley Picker Fellowship project Portal Tables, The Decorators reflect on the paradoxical way in which the pandemic has both vilified microbes and prompted a renewed interest in homemade practices of nurturing microbial life. 

Portal Tables examines the political and ecological dimensions of food and domesticity, working with artists and the local community throughout the pandemic. Taking the idea of commensality – eating together – and extending it beyond the human, Portal Tables considers how microbial bodies participate in such encounters.

Portal Tables will unfold over the course of 2021 as a series of tables, performances and films. In May 2021, The Decorators launched their project with a video-essay Portal Tables: Connecting Multiscalar Communities.

The Decorators is an interdisciplinary design collective founded by Suzanne O’Connell, Carolina Caicedo, Xavi Llarch Font and Mariana Pestana in 2011. With backgrounds in landscape architecture, spatial design, curation and psychology, they work on spatial design projects that aim to reconnect the physical elements of a place with its social dimension.

Film credits Directed & Edited Sergio Marquez | Written by The Decorators & Sergio Marquez | Graphics & Motion Design Stephen McLaughlin | Original Soundtrack Maxwell Sterling | Sound Mixing Maxwell Sterling