Elizabeth Price At The House of Mr X (video still) 2007
The Stanley Picker Trust

Born in New York in 1913, Stanley Picker arrived in England after completing his studies at Harvard University, to take over his father’s cosmetics business. The beauty brands developed by the company – among them Gala, Miners, Mary Quant and Outdoor Girl – each epitomised their era and created a wealth that permitted Stanley Picker to indulge his greatest love, the arts.

His impeccable late-modernist house in Kingston upon Thames was designed in 1968 by architect Kenneth Wood, for Stanley to live amongst his growing collection of art and design objects. When he retired in 1976 he devoted more time to his interest in art, and built a private gallery in his garden dedicated to the more important items of his growing collection. In 1977 he established the Stanley Picker Trust to support the education and careers of young arts practitioners. Stanley died in 1982 leaving in the Trust, the House and its collection, an enduring legacy that ensures his passion for the arts lives on to this day.

In 1997 the Stanley Picker Gallery at Kingston University was established with the generous financial support of the Trust and the ambitious vision of Professor Bruce Russell. Two Stanley Picker Fellowships are appointed by the Gallery each year to innovative practitioners in the fields of Fine Art and Design.

In recent years, Stanley Picker Fellows Elizabeth Price and Ab Rogers Design have both taken the Picker House and its collection as a direct point of inspiration for their respective Fellowship commissions, images and information about which can be found in the Programme section of this site.

A fully illustrated book The Picker House and Collection: A Late 1960s Home for Modern Art and Design – with essays by Jonathan Black, David Falkner, Fiona Fisher, Fran Lloyd, Rebecca Preston and Penny Sparke – was published by Philip Wilson Publishers in 2012, marking thirty years since the death of Stanley Picker in 1982. Architect Kenneth Wood is also the subject of an extensive research project on his wider practice, funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council.

The Picker House and its collection, the Stanley Picker Gallery and Fellowships at Kingston University, and the Trust’s continued support for the careers of young arts practitioners, all stand as a living memorial to a unique and generous man.

A Modernist in Suburbia (below) is a short film by Fiona Fisher and Gilly Booth/hijack which examines architect Kenneth Wood’s wider career, created to accompany The Occupants exhibition at the Stanley Picker Gallery in 2012.


Visiting The Picker House & Collection

Stanley Picker’s house and private gallery is open for a limited number of pre-arranged group visits. For further information please visit www.stanleypickertrust.org

Above image: Elizabeth Price (Stanley Picker Fellow Fine Art) At The House of Mr X (video still) 2005. Filmed on location at the Picker House Kingston upon Thames. Courtesy the Artist and MOT International