Fine Art Shorts

Launch event: Wednesday 5 May 2021 6-7pm

Stanley Picker Gallery presents an online film festival Fine Art Shorts of work by students and recent graduates of the BA Fine Art and MFA Fine Art courses at Kingston School of Art. Organised in collaboration with Andrea Stokes, Associate Professor at Kingston School of Art, this was an open call opportunity to platform artists working in film over the course of the last year.

Exhibiting artists: Cara Gaskell / Cecily Loveys Jervoise / Courtney Gregory / Zhangying Peng / Anna Palmer / Lyndsay Russell / Daniella Pink / Lola Mau / Brandon Seedhouse / Leon Flint / Lea Huniat / Ahlam Ahmadi / Maria Catanas / Iseult, Ieuan, Maya & Stella / Isabella Rose / Ahlam Ahmadi & Rachael Booty /  Weishan Yang / Ronnie Hill / Martin Doyle

Cara Gaskell, Reconnecting (password 4572)

Cecily Loveys Jervoise, A Clay Exhibition for Poultry Friends

Courtney Gregory, Manifesting 2021

Zhangying Peng, 100 Possibility of 100 Things in a Hundred Days

Anna Palmer, Harbour Arm Chimes

Lyndsay Russell, The Lost Siren (March 2021)

Daniella Pink, A Conversation Through Gesture (Silent)

Lola Mau, Sunset Explosion

Brandon Seedhouse, Give Me Some Space & Time

Leon Flint, Eyes On The Ground

Lea Huniat, Samen

Ahlam Ahmadi, The Ocean Outside Me, The Ocean Inside Me

Maria Catanas, Unless That’s the Point

Iseult, Ieuan, Maya & Stella, Epistolary Novel

Isabella Rose, Breathe, breathe, breathe

Ahlam Ahmadi & Rachael Booty, Place Zero

Weishan Yang, Walk (Interlude)

Ronnie Hill, Tales Of Emma Hamilton

Martin Doyle, I’m Honestly a Whore