Online Salon: Maeve Brennan An Excavation

Wednesday 22 June 2022 | 3-4:30pm. All Welcome.

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Join us to hear Maeve Brennan discuss the broader context and implications of her collaboration with forensic archaeologists Dr Christos Tsirogiannis and Dr Vinnie Norskov.

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A recording of the conversation between Maeve Brennan, Dr Christos Tsirogiannis and Dr Vinnie Norskov will be uploaded following the event.

Maeve Brennan An Excavation is a new body of work derived from Brennan’s long-term research project The Goods (2018–ongoing), carried out in collaboration with forensic archaeologist Dr Christos Tsirogiannis. Central to the exhibition is a major new film commission An Excavation (2022), documenting a forensic investigation into a crate of looted antiquities discovered at Geneva Freeport in 2014. The exhibition will also launch Illicit Antiquities Network, an ambitious digital project developed throughout Brennan’s Stanley Picker Fellowship.

Click here to watch a trailer for An Excavation (2022) by Maeve Brennan.

Maeve Brennan is an artist and filmmaker, based in London, appointed to the Stanley Picker Fellowships at Kingston University in 2019. Brennan is currently participating in British Art Show 9 and was a recipient of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award 2021.