Image of Marloes ten Bhömer's 2010 work Rapidprototypedshoe

Marloes ten Bhömer Rapidprototypedshoe (2010). Courtesy the Artist

Marloes ten Bhömer

Stanley Picker Fellow Design


Marloes ten Bhömer’s work consistently aims to challenge generic typologies of women’s shoes through experiments with non-traditional technologies and material techniques. By reinventing the process by which footwear is made, the resulting shoes serve as unique examples of new aesthetic and structural possibilities, while also serving to criticise the conventional status of women’s shoes as cultural objects.

Her research into technology, materials, feet and footwear has resulted in a variety of experimental and conceptual pieces, some of which have been developed into technically sound (wearable) shoes, others which are produced solely as sculptural works. The existence of both directions within her practice generates a layer to the work that comments on the perception of functionality, commerce and production in a larger system. The context within which they sit (in galleries, museums, or in boutiques) challenges the audiences’ preconceptions about the shoe.

Her work is published and exhibited internationally, notably in the Krannert Art Museum in Illinois, Modemuseum in Hasselt, Galerie Lucy Mackintosh Switzerland, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Design Museum Holon, Israel, Spring Projects Gallery in London and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Ten Bhömer was nominated for the Jerwood Contemporary Makers 2010 and the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2009 at the Design Museum London”¨and she has been awarded the Creative Pioneer Programme, Nesta Award, the Crafts Council Development Award”¨and the Startstipendium Fonds BKVB.


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