We Are Publication

t h e H O L D

26 September - 14 December

Exhibition Launch: Wednesday 25 September | 6pm-8.30pm

We Are Publication is an artists’ group which seeks and tests out innovative forms of contemporary art publishing. Originating at Kingston School of Art’s Contemporary Art Research Centre in 2015 the group consists of a fluctuating number of current and past PhD candidates, staff members and invited contributors who are brought together by a shared sense of experimentation and the possibilities inherent in collaborative research. 

We Are Publication is a provisional yet persistent working unit. Embracing fragmentation, its configuration remains in flux – unfixed and unfinished. Each of the group’s publishing experiments relays its interactions and exchanges and manifests its shifting dynamics. Outcomes are multi-layered, polyvocal and irreducible inviting divergent takes on established notions of jointly conducted research.

For their exhibition t  h  e      H O L D, We Are Publication will realise a series of interconnected projects expanding on the group’s central preoccupations around cut-up, fragmentation and modes of collective re-composition/assemblage. 

The group has produced speculative publications in the form of a launch event (ICA, London, 2015), a 5-minute video (Stanley Picker Gallery, 2015), the 60-minute radio broadcast Diagram of an Hour(Resonance FM, London, 2016) and a vinyl record documenting the broadcast event (Curved Pressing, 2017). Between 2017 and 2018 We Are Publication produced Notes on a Carpet, a project that took the shape of a handmade rug. In 2018 the carpet was presented alongside a series of readings and performances at Five Years, London, Black Tower Projects, London, Focal Point Gallery’s Unit Twenty-One, Southend-on-Sea and the London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery. Earlier in 2019, We Are Publication presented the exhibition We.Are.Cut.Up. at Pratt Institute, New York. The We.Are.Cut.Up soundscape has been transmitted as part of Radiophrenia, CCA Glasgow in May and will feature on Art Licks Weekend radio station, run in partnership with TACO! and RTM from 17 – 20th October 2019.

Over the summer preparations for We Are Publication’s exhibition at the Stanley Picker Gallery have commenced with the 2ndThoughts publication project which includes contributions by Jonathan Allen, Holly Antrum, Bill Balaskas, Sarah Bennett, George Charman, Rachel Cattle, Jenna Collins, Ilsa Colsell, Craig Cooper, Edward Dorrian, Volker Eichelmann, Abbe Fletcher, Adam Gillam, Keira Greene, Bruce Haines, Felicity Hammond, Mark Harris, Ayano Hattori, John Hughes, James Irwin, Gareth Jones, Simon Josebury, Marianne Keating, Dean Kenning, Lau Chak Kwong, John Lawrence, Bill Leslie, Anna Lucas, Stine Ljungdalh, Katy Macleod, Rachel Mader, Russell Miller, Christian Newby, Louis Nixon, Tom O’Dea, Alex Pollard, Elizabeth Price, Mónica Rivas Velásquez, Joey Ryken, Daniel Shanken, Andrea Stokes, Stephen Sutcliffe, Charlotte Warne Thomas, Andy Tam, Erika Tan, Mandy Ure, Sebastian Utzni, Roman Vasseur, Mark Aerial Waller, Steven Warwick, Matt Williams.