We Are Publication: Live Event

Wednesday 6 November 6-8pm | All Welcome

t  h  e      H O L D is an exhibition by the artists’ group We Are Publication featuring contributions from over 50 artists. It consists of posters, a soundscape, a hand-woven carpet, and a series of live events all set within an expansive sculptural display structure occupying the gallery space.

We Are Publication is an artists’ group that tests innovative forms of contemporary art publishing. Originating at Kingston School of Art’s Contemporary Art Research Centre in 2015, the group consists of a changing constituency of current and past PhD candidates, staff members and invited contributors who share a sense of the possibilities inherent in collaborative research.

We Are Publication is a shape-shifting laboratory. Its multi-layered publishing experiments relay the group’s interactions and exchanges. In flux and iterative, the group’s configuration as well as its outputs, signal divergent approaches to jointly conducted research.

On 6 November, the structure which occupies the gallery space will host a series of multi-format presentations by current and new We Are Publication artists including readings, soundworks, performances and screenings.