New Music New Functionalities: Ewa Justka and Yuri Suzuki

Ewa Justka
Yuri Suzuki photographed by Juan Trujillo Andrades. Courtesy Disegno

New Music New Functionalities: Ewa Justka and Yuri Suzuki

Curated with Disegno

Saturday 7 April 2-4pm

at the Design Museum

Tickets: £12 full price, £9 Design Museum members, £8 students/concessions. Online bookings open soon via the Design Museum website

New Music New Functionalities examines the work of a series of practitioners breaking new ground within music and sound design. For this occasion, Yuri Suzuki will be joined by the electronic acid-technoise artist and self-taught instrument maker Ewa Justka for a talk about electronic instrument-making and practice. The audience will have the opportunity to interact with Justka’s instruments during the talk, and the event will conclude with a performance. New Music New Functionalities is part of a wider series of performances and talks curated by Suzuki and the quarterly design journal Disegno to celebrate Suzuki’s Furniture Music exhibition at Stanley Picker Gallery.

Ewa Justka is an acid-technoise artist, pedagogue, and autodidact musical instrument maker based in London. Her work explores the relationships between macro and micro environments, sound, and the body. She has performed and led workshops at events and venues such as Cafe Oto, Loop Festival, and Sonic Acts.

Yuri Suzuki is a sound artist, designer, and electronic musician who explores the realms of sound through carefully designed pieces. He looks into the relationship between sound and people, and how music and sound affect their minds. His work in sound, art, and installations has been exhibited all over the world, and his clients include Google, Moog, and Disney.