Louder Than Bombs: When I Fell For You I Fell Like The Bomb / Sleeping With Your Enemy

Stacy Makishi & Yoshiko Shimada

Week 5

Hawaii-born artist Stacy Makishi and Japanese artist Yoshiko Shimada work independently across a wide variety of media, investigating perspectives on cultural identity, sexual politics, and personal and private memory.

Taking two previously instigated projects as their starting point, Makishi and Shimada collaborated for the very first time during Louder Than Bombs. Considering the legacies of Hiroshima and Pearl Harbour, the artists developed a live project reflecting their shared fascinations with the parallels, ironies and complex histories of political, cultural and sexual relations between Japan and the U.S.

When I Fell For You, I Fell Like the Bomb/Sleeping With Your Enemy comprised a series of participatory workshops and installations, including a sushi-rolling demonstration by Shimada exploring global perspectives on cultural hybridity and difference, and a creativity workshop by Makishi.

The residency concluded with a collaborative, ‘post-apocalyptical’ performance piece, entitled The Last Chance Cabaret, fusing music, installation and live performance.

Special thanks to Vick Ryder and Alex White