Pilots (2013)

El Ultimo Grito & POI: London Design Festival at the V&A

For the London Design Festival 2014, Stanley Picker Gallery is launching pilotschannel.org a new web-resource promoting experimental models of design education across the globe.

The Internet has an insatiable capacity to disseminate new knowledge far beyond the realms of traditional academia, making a previously unimaginable wealth of expertise readily available to all. Group-based learning, making through physical interaction and practical collaboration play fundamental roles within design development, but such activity is threatened within a formal education sector affected by social, technological, geographic, economic and cultural changes impacting its future. Pilots seeks to identify the questions that are to be addressed in order to adapt and respond to this radically changing environment and to provide the next models of design education.

Pilots: Navigating Next Models of Design Education  was a programme of experimental participatory workshops, curated with El Ultimo Grito, addressing the impact of the internet on studio-based design education. Involving a host of participating education experts, designers, artists, academics and students, the initial Pilots sessions took place at the Stanley Picker Gallery throughout May 2013 and were led by El Ultimo Grito with Daniel Charny, Ronen Kadushin and Matt Ward.

The new website will be launched at an event at the Victoria & Albert Museum on Monday 15 September as part of London Design Festival 2014.