2016 Stanley Picker Gallery Evening Salons

Open Reel Salon
2016 Stanley Picker Gallery Evening Salons
Contemporary Critique of Emerging Technologies
17.00 - 19.00 Every last wednesday of the month

Open_Reel is a new series of Wednesday evening Salons taking place at the Stanley Picker Gallery, designed to bring together people interested in emerging technologies and their contemporary critique.

The Salons are planned to draw together students and staff from across the university, as well as general visitors to the casual environment of the Gallery to meet, learn and discuss.

On 27 January the first of four Salons will introduce the series with the intention of cross-pollinating members of the Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture with those in Science, Engineering and Computing, whilst building an audience for the on-going programme. The second event on 24 February will feature a tour of both the workshop spaces and laboratories of the Faculty of Art & Design, hopping over to the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing by our hosts.

Wednesday 27th April will see contemporary artist Matthew Plummer-Fernandez introduce his work and a small exhibition will run from Wednesday 27th – TBC. Plummer–Fernandez’s work challenges advances in digital technology and their deployment within society with a critical but humorous tone by using automated software, 3D printed models and sculpture. He is currently an artist in residence at Somerset House’s Makerversity, and his work has been exhibited at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Good Work Gallery, NY, Nome Gallery, Berlin and Whitebuilding, London. Plummer–Fernandez is represented by Nome Gallery, Berlin.

The Salons are being organised by Joe Sánchez, the new Stanley Picker Gallery Digital Projects Assistant, who is assisting with developing the Gallery’s digital presence and introducing a programme of exciting new ‘digital’ activity at the venue. He is one of forty recipients of the Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries Programme, aimed specifically at recent graduates who would not otherwise be in a position to develop their skills and CV through unpaid internships or work experience.

Wednesday 27th April – Matthew Plummer-Fernandez
Wednesday 25th May
Wednesday 29th June