New Music New Functionalities:

Yuri Suzuki, Vahakn Matossian & Imogen Piper


Curated by Yuri Suzuki and Disegno
Friday 6 April 2018
at the Design Museum

An evening of talks and performances exploring the intersection between contemporary design and music, New Music New Functionalities examines the work of a series of practitioners breaking new ground within music and sound design. Yuri Suzuki will be joined by the product designer Vahakn Matossian from Human Instruments, a company that produces high-quality musical instruments for people with physical disabilities, and the artist Imogen Piper, whose ‘Encoded Revolt’ is a musical composition derived from the co-ordinates of airstrikes in Syria. The evening will feature a rendition of ‘Encoded Revolt’, as well as a live performance by the celebrated musician John Kelly, a member of the British Paraorchestra. New Music New Functionalities is part of a wider series of performances and talks curated by Yuri Suzuki and the quarterly design journal Disegno to celebrate Suzuki’s Furniture Music exhibition at Stanley Picker Gallery.