Mike Marshall: Strange Attractor

Stanley Picker Gallery Commission


Filmed on-location at Kingston University’s Dorich House Museum, Strange Attractor was specially commissioned to accompany the 2009 exhibition Dora Gordine: Artist, Sculptor, Designer, the first major retrospective of Gordine ´s work, that showed concurrently at Kingston Museum and Dorich House.

A piece that records the production of its own soundtrack, Strange Attractor explores Gordine’s former home and studio as a confined site of creativity, whilst reaching towards the larger world beyond it. The title is a term, coined by meteorologist and mathematician Edward. N. Lorenz, used to describe how chaotic dynamical systems combine and predict the effects of turbulence, or attraction, between two unfixed points; providing both a degree of predictability and an openness to ‘spill’ beyond any definable limits.

Mike Marshall was born in 1967, he lives and works in London. His works reveal scenarios and forces that seem to interconnect in ways which can’t always be predicted, and where events are linked to unknown factors that cannot be controlled or precisely defined. Through a combination of observation and staged activity, these new works appear to question the veracity of what we see and hear in the world around us.

See also Mike Marshall No Love, No Hate Stanley Picker Gallery (Feb-Apr 2009).