Stanley Picker Fellowship Collection: Daisy Bear White 2007

Daisy Bear White (photographic print) 2007 Stanley Picker Gallery Collection

Theo Kacoufa

Stanley Picker Fellow


The world of science, technology and nature are the trinity of subjects that influence the theme of my work.

The Cyber Flora series is an exploration of nature, genetic modification and our possible future. In my constructions, I reference familiar elements such as petals, stalks and stems. Although they are recognisable, they have been altered in subtle and outrageous ways. Like many esteemed members of the human race, I tinker with the architecture of nature to satisfy my needs. The materials and ideas I use, allow me to translate the lines I make on paper into three-dimensional physical drawings in space. The sculptures are formed of coloured lines that are made more of nothing than something. The realised pieces are like ghosts, echoes of life from an alternate dimension or time-line. They have begun to half-exist and inhabit our world.

My latest work, entitled Daisy Bear, is an unnatural anomaly: a cute and cuddly transgenic totem of flora and fauna melded together to form a bear made out of skeletal daisies.

Selected Exhibitions:
2007 UBE Biennale Ube City, Yamaguchi, Japan
2006 V22 Contemporary Art Collection Exhibition Clerkenwell Workshops, London
2005 The Real Ideal – Utopian Ideals and Dystopian Realities Millennium Galleries, Sheffield
2005 Painting is Cruel Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London
2001 Theoland solo show, Ha Gamle Prestgard, Norway.