Showgirl mixed media on paper 2002 Stanley Picker Collection

Showgirl (mixed media on paper) 2002 Stanley Picker Gallery Collection

Jo Bruton

Stanley Picker Fellow


My work explores the female performer and spectacle within the process of painting, using a number of visual resources, currently a journey to, The Exotic World Museum of Burlesque, in Los Angeles and transforming that information into decorative motif. Individual histories and costume are examined through an open process where an initial construction of the paintings surface creates a new context for the activity/performance to take place. The aspiration of the performer and expectation of the viewer are a constant focus for the paintings where failure and success are negotiated through the surface of the work.

Selected Exhibitions:
2006 Captaine Can-Can solo exhibtion, painting installation and artist book, Sadlers Wells, London
2005 Variety group exhibition and commission of site specific painting installation with artist book and exhibition catalogue, De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill-on-Sea
2004 Unframed group exhibition and book Unframed: Practices & Politics of Women’s Contemporary Painting Standpoint Gallery
2002 walk slowly towards the light solo exhibition and commission of site specific painting installation and catalogue, Matt’s Gallery, London
2001 Warped: painting and the feminine group exhibition and catalogue, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham.