TV Dinner (etching) 2006 Stanley Picker Gallery Collection

TV Dinner (etching) 2006 Stanley Picker Gallery Collection

Frank Creber

Stanley Picker Fellow


“As an artist with over twenty years experience of working within community groups in a deprived neighbourhood of Bow, Frank Creber is committed to making works that explore a deeply urban affair between a new world created in the pursuit of progress and modernity and the community that it is setting out to serve. A community whose optimism is by no means universal because they have seen before that the developers’ bulldozers can just as easily destroy the inner-city infrastructure geared to serving local needs.”

“My paintings are informed by my experience as an artist working with the communities in the deprived neighbourhood of Poplar. For the past few years my paintings have focused on the figure in front of the built environment. I imagine a high view-point above the city, looking down to figures in the foreground set against the pattern of roads, housing and construction sites, the etching ‘TV Dinner’ comes from a series of works exploring domestic life”.