Lost Landscape (digital photographic print) 2006 Stanley Picker Gallery Collection

Lost Landscape (digital photographic print) 2006 Stanley Picker Gallery Collection


Christopher Summerfield

Stanley Picker Fellow


‘My work is a response to both the natural and manufactured world, both celebrating and questioning their relationship. Forms found in the natural world have been appropriated in the design and engineering of numerous manufactured objects. Obvious examples are the design of ships and aeroplanes, being informed by the fluid/aerodynamics of fish and birds.

The works I produce are often multiples; cast metal with reference to engineering and process manufacturing. My work is located between abstraction and representation, not wishing to illustrate or imitate existing images and forms, but instead to reinvent them. New relationships are found, often producing ‘toy like’ hybrids of the natural and manmade world, which echo the dreamlike world of childhood, where disparate and incongruous elements fuse together.

Currently, I am exploring digital photography as an outcome for my artwork. I continue to produce sculptures, but no longer wish to exclusively exhibit those objects in a gallery. I have photographed them in a range of contexts and the photograph can be the artwork, not just documentation. The sculptural object is sometimes a transitional phase in the creative process’.

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