Cally Spooner OFFSHORE plan (2017)

Cally Spooner OFFSHORE plan (2017)

Upcoming: Cally Spooner


23, 24 and 26 April 2018
Please see programme of public activities below

Stanley Picker Gallery presents the outcome of Cally Spooner’s Fellowship: OFFSHORE will be part inaugurated, part archived as a structure, in disguise as a performance, in disguise as a company.

Glossary & Programme

OFFSHORE: A structure that enables EVERYONE (some of whom will have met before, some of whom will not have met) to maintain a state of rehearsal, over a number of days, in public.

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Monday 23 April
11am-1pm: GRADATIONS OF CONTROL (a workshop on scoring) with David Ryan
3-3.30pm: YESTERDAY
3.30-6.30pm: OPEN
6.30-7.30pm: TOMORROW
7.30-8pm: IN COMPANY

With: Chloé Turpin, Joe Zeitlin, William Crosby, Roland Brauchli, Michelangelo Miccolis, Maggie Segale, Lynton Talbot, Juli Brandano, Jesper List Thomsen, Emily McDaniel, Cally Spooner, Alice MacKenzie

Tuesday 24 April
2-2.30pm: YESTERDAY
3-5pm: OPEN
5-5.30pm: IN COMPANY
5.30-6.30pm: OPEN
6.30-7pm: IN COMPANY

With: Chloé Turpin, Michelangelo Miccolis, Maggie Segale, Lynton Talbot, Juli Brandano, Jesper List Thomsen, Emily McDaniel, Cally Spooner, Alice MacKenzie

Thursday 26 April
11am-4pm: ARCHIVE

With: Cally Spooner



“Arriving from literature, theatre and a messy, unrequited love affair with Philosophy, OFFSHORE scripts fictional structures to let real life (non-fiction) in,” says Spooner. “It sits somewhere between a philosophy school for embodied knowledge, an engine, an alibi, a backroom, a rehearsal and some deliberate, unguaranteed, social plumbing.”

Over the past eighteen months, Spooner organised five trans-disciplinary gatherings with near fifty performers, writers, artists and thinkers – including from Kingston’s Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) – that laid the groundwork of OFFSHORE. The gatherings researched the labour of maintenance, transactions in Human Resources and use of living tools as well as the dynamics and discontents of the social body in relation to the standardisation and quantification of language or life. Coincidentally, OFFSHORE formed as a group of core cast to draft new vocabulary and terms of how to organise, work and perform.

Departing from the ‘business ontology’ of a present-day financial, corporate or neoliberal mindset, OFFSHORE operates through theoretical and fictional modes that are always just a few, critical, steps removed from reality. Through scores, rotas, soundtracks, written and spoken language, the project opens up new working codes between paper, text and bodies – spaces in which simultaneities and differences between concepts, persons and objects play out in part-scripted, part-improvisational ways. Presenting what has happened throughout the fellowship, OFFSHORE IN KINGSTON gathers core cast to rehearse, archive and display their performance repertoire and research.

Cally Spooner is an artist and writer. Her most recent solo shows include Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève (2018), Whitechapel Gallery, London (2017), The New Museum, New York, The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (both 2016). Her recent group shows include Serpentine Gallery and Kunsthaus Zurich (both 2017). Her book of Scripts is published by Slimvolume (2016), and her novel Collapsing In Parts is published by Mousse (2012). Upocoming solo shows include the Swiss Institute, New York, Castello di Rivoli, Turin (both 2018) and the Art Institute Chicago (2019).