Lobby: Once upon a Time and Place: Story Maps of Climate Change

Wind is blowing pollution from a coal burning power plant.

Lobby: Once upon a Time and Place: Story Maps of Climate Change

25 – 27 November 2021 | All Welcome

As part of the AHRC’s engaging young people with climate change research initiative Kingston University Geography invite you to view a digital collection of ESRI Story Maps produced as a result of a collaboration between Geography, Geology and the Environment staff and students, and students from from Springwest Academy and Logic Studio School in Feltham, and Redden Court School in Romford. Story Maps are a digital platform which combine images, text, data and maps to display stories about people, places and environments. Ideas were developed by the students at two workshops run in early November. The objectives of the project are to engage young people in climate change research, to encourage them to document their thoughts and feelings on the issues that are of concern to them and to provide them with a medium through which to do so.  

Click here to view an example of one of the story maps that will be on show.

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