Credit: Boby Gogar 2024


Kingston University BSc Psychology

22 – 23 March

Event 22 March 3.30-5pm & Performance Paul Taylor Jazz Trombone 3.30-4.10 | All Welcome

Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to host Reflections, an exhibition of new and existing works made and curated by Kingston University BSc Psychology students which address their personal interpretations of self. The exhibition has been devised following exploration of the gallery’s current exhibition Larry Achiampong’s A Letter, A Pledge, and inspired by workshops as part of the final year module, Psychology of Art.

Exhibiting artist, Emma Turtle writes:

Step into a world of self-discovery and introspection with ‘Reflections’, a  theme which allows for a kaleidoscopic interpretation of internal experiences of reality incorporating mediums, including photography, paintings, poetry, and sound.

Students collaborated throughout the academic year to develop the concept for the exhibition, also planning curation, interpretation, and publicity – all experiences that have been entirely new. We hope visitors will recognise expressions of personal identity, memory, metamorphosis and more, enabling them to invoke their own self-reflections. And, most importantly, we all hope you enjoy this exhibition.

Supervision by Dr Fatima M Felisberti, Associate Professor and the Psychology of Art module leader.

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