Lobby Display: OUB Collective | Past Encounters

Lobby Display: OUB Collective | Past Encounters

Event Wednesday 22 June 5-7pm | All Welcome
Open 23 – 25 June 2022

Stanley Picker Gallery is please to host Past Encounters, an exhibition showcasing a selected range of two and three dimensional artworks by OUB Collective, all recent graduates from Kingston School of Art.

Exhibitors Maya Dew, Julia Ligeza, Tegan Clay, Joe Thomas, Astrid Finn Kelcey, and Katya Hudson

“The exhibited work explores the personal, hidden, or universal narratives that constantly emerge through the encounter of place and time. Artists explore the capacity to redefine experiences of time and memory. By taking the role of the narrator, works traverse across varying perspectives and themes, each work considering different social, political and historical contexts. Through this act of storytelling, we intend to create a space that investigates the widely known or partially buried, scratched out, ignored accounts of truths that are collected over time.

It is here we endeavour to preserve memory.”

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