Lobby: I Don’t Want To Die Alone

Lobby: I Don’t Want To Die Alone

26 – 29 February 2020
Launch: Tuesday 25 February 5-7pm | All Welcome
With a performance by Leon Watts and Harry Cross at 5.30pm

The organic sound of our voice, words turn into binary structures of computer code before they reach another person. The screen is competing to replace the face, the human and the organic. Maybe it’s our need to find structure through the unknown, maybe it’s our impatience and refusal to persevere in our own meandering abilities to connect with each other. Technology makes life easier, we know. But human beings are complex and demand time to comprehend. We are pressing to talk about the value of human connection, that, science says, guarantees a happier life. We are social beings who are losing our social skills in exchange for a technology tool. We don’t want to live alone and we certainly don’t want to die alone.

Tasnee​m Lohani is a MFA 2nd year student at Kingston School of Art. She works with a variety of media including sound, video, and drawing and painting on paper. Her work talks about the need for face to face human connection which is taken over by virtual connection or interaction. The loss of social skills and its mental health implications that Capitalism only does to worsen.

Leon Watts is a BA Fine Art 2nd year student at Kingston School of Art. His practice is about the bridge between fantasy and reality, working in mostly sculpture, performance, video games and video. Theorising other potential worlds and characters within them, situating these theories in drafts or schematics or using his own body as the vehicle for translating a form of fantasy in which he sees, to the reality that we may perceive.

Harry Cross is a BA Fine Art 2nd year student at Kingston School of Art. Also known as KROS, Harry’s practice focuses on the personal, frequently exploring themes surrounding mental health through installation, video, sculpture and sound. He often combines his passion for DJing with his work, creating immersive sensory experiences.

Ahlam Ahmadi is a BA Fine Art 1st year student at Kingston School of Art. Her practice is sculpture and cross-disciplinary, working across photography, video, performance, fabric and installation. Her work explores states of vulnerability and fragility in objects and materials that are made to be rather stable. She embraces the simple human experience in objects while observing how they are appropriated, objectified re-contextualized over space and time.


Tasneem Lohani
Audio Installation ft.
Nausea, 7 min, 10 sec, (2020)
Lady on the Bus, 3min 59 sec, (2020)

4 Ink drawings on paper (2020)
Sizes: from 60×40 mm  – 140×140 mm (apx.

Leon Watts
they (2020)
30min performance ft. KROS, 5:30-6pm 25/02/2020
Aluminum, Steel, birch plywood, cotton, nylon

they (3 of 3 Laser print photographs) (2020)
by Ahlam Ahmadi

ft. Harry Cross a.k.a KROS
LPF (2019)
Aluminum, MDF, steel – 15” subwoofer suspended in frame,
2 of 2 handmade loudspeakers.
1360(h) x 1505(w) x 425(d) mm (apx.)

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