Lobby: Extra! Extra! Publication as Exhibition

Lobby: Extra! Extra! Publication as Exhibition

27 – 29 May 2021 | All Welcome

Free, booking essential

Extra! Extra! is an exhibition of publications by the Level 5 and 6 students of the BA Fine Art and BA Fine Art and Art History courses at KSA. This is the 3rd year that students from Fine Art have responded to the open brief of Publication as Exhibition. In such uncertain times, the publication both digitally and physically has continued to be an essential, creative, conceptual, an alternate space for artists to explore and disseminate their practice and ideas.

The physical show is also accompanied by a digital collection online.

Thanks to: All the students who have contributed to the exhibition. Special thanks to level 6 students Courtney Gregory for designing and curating the accompanying website and for Edward Mac for the poster design. Lastly thanks to Stanley Picker Gallery for generously hosting this yearly event.

Mark Harris
Joint Course Leader BA Fine Art

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Imogen Andrews
A Particular Reality Zine
Jae Bhak
Iseult Bailie
Maria Catanas
Collab X: (Brandon Coyle, Andrei Damian)
The Collective for Epistolary Novel: (Stella Galvin, Iseult Bailie, Ieuan James, Maya Griffiths)
Matthew Dowell
Andrei Damian
Martin Doyle
Rhiannon Dunn
Isabelle Cooper
Charlotte Franklin
Courtney Gregory
Sadie Rain Hall
Saskia Henshall-Harris
Jasmine Cooper-Isark
Tessa James
Rhianna Keane
Eli Knox
Melissa Little
Siobhan Lynch
Edward Mac
Carla Martin
Lola and Shola Mau
Florence McCarthy
Oona McBride
Lottie McNulty
Husna Memon
Chloe Musgrove
Josh Nicholson
Anna Palmer
Brianna Lois Parker
Jasmin Pearce
Lucy Pearce
Asha Peacock
Sumnima Pun
Amrit Sanghera
Zooey Sealey
Brandon Seedhouse
George Stewart-Sendell
Daneilla Scozzari
Felix Scott
Sophie Smith
Eliza Burall Stillman
Immy Storey
Charlotte Swan
William Taylor
Chelsea Thom
Ellie Wacks
Leon Watts
Amy Edisbury-Williams
Imogen Wright

Get Involved

For more information about this project and others please contact Natalie Kay on 020 8417 4074 or email n.kay@kingston.ac.uk.