Lobby: Brigid de Saulles

Brigid De Saulles Hands of the Earth. Ceramic sculptures (2020)

Lobby: Brigid de Saulles

11-15 February 2020
Breakfast viewing from 11am Saturday 15 Feb
Tea, coffees and pastries | All welcome

‘The most beautiful experience we haveis the mysterious. Why do so many of us try to explain the creative process, depriving its mystery? Albert Einstein, physicist & educator.

These table-top sculptures show my journey of work during this last year. An important part of this small show is delivering workshops for outsider groups who will come and make small votive/ aspirational ceramic tokens to become part of a larger celebratory collaborative piece. This is an ongoing project.

The work moves from dark, earthy clays to a brighter more refined making with porcelain pieces… through time… from the ancient mysteries, now probing ideas about our unknown future and connectivity with the earth. I remain looking for lightness in the seriousness and playful nature of making.

Brigid is a local artist completing her studies at the UCA.


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