Lobby: 01/BLUE

Lobby: 01/BLUE

3 – 5 June 2021 | All Welcome

Free, booking essential

The X Collab presents their first physical exhibition of 01/BLUE at the Stanley Picker Gallery. This project contains over 150+ pieces of artwork created by creatives all over the United Kingdom. The project was created by Andrei Damian, Brandon Coyle (Both KSA BA Fine Art), Josh Wijsveld (UCA Canterbury, BA Graphics) and Darragh Morgan (University of Brighton, BA Graphics). The X Collab aims to bring together artists, designers and more to create work collaboratively in response to a theme and showcase these works.

Find out more about The X Collab online and other platforms.

Get Involved: The X Collab is currently hosting an open call for their next project. If you would like to participate, please check out their website or get in touch with the team on thexcollab@outlook.com.


Imogen Wright
Maha Shami
Jasmin Pearce
Amy Edisbury
Rowan Pritchard
Jess Neary
Roberta Longley
Lauren Quarmby
Tess Caitlin
Liam Trumble
Sari Soininen
Camille Relet
Romina Rabe
Abdul Mohammed
Tilly Errington
Holly Staniforth
Joshua Nicholson
Saskia Henshall-Harris
Hannah Edwards
Isaac Robinson
Holly Elan Watson
Lucy Jean
Martin Doyle
Babs Smith
Anthony Mainwaring
Leon Patrick
Andrei Damian
Ellie Turley
Bella waylett
Lucía Piris
Jordan C
Oli Koren
Sade Arellano
Olivia England
Hannah Geary
Sara Rawat
Ahlam Ahmadi
Olivia Alexander
Federico d’Emilia
Emma Currell
Nicole Mullan
Alfie Lucas
Mina Fairchild
Maria Christou
Frida Skoglie
Gavin Rain
James Wright
Brandon Seedhouse
Siobhan Lynch
Peter Robinson
Helena Worthington
Melissa Little
Zoe Garlington
Jasmin Sproule
Phoebe Morris
Alaw Glesni
Rebecca Lily Thomas-McCann
Harriet Bone
Devon Jacques
Faye Robinson
Lucy Carter
Rachael Booty
Fabrice Millet
Isabella Rose
Eden Hemphill
Sarah Gillespie
Ellie Rankin
Alexander Levett
Lim Tze Yan
Olga Mun
Courtney Gregory
Leon Watts
Sophie Smith
Joanna Holisz
Mathilda Preater
Oscar Jackson
Rosie Reed Gold
Kristy Chan
Caitlan Walker
Neeli Mpik
Amy Vincent
Victoria Chisholm
Brandon Coyle
Victoria Rossique
Sehama Nuur
Gregory McCool
Grace Karczewska
Darragh Morgan
Alex Beeston
Christina Wigmore
Cameron Lings
Bradley Beckett
Natasha V. Moody
Clair Robins
Doanh Nguyen
Emma Colyer
Sonia Hanke
Chloe Crouch
Margo Sulek
Megan Cox
Amelia Oulton
Freya Pryce
Alex Hopwood
Evanne H
Jakub Rokita
Zafar Ahmad
Hilary Mooney
Abbey Hayman
Ali Simmons
Marisa Polin
Caitlin Dolan
Tymoteusz Wojciechowski
Andrés Nava H
Henna Mahmood
Noah Moray Parker
Reuben Smith
Sinead Coyle
Maja Kozaczek
Heedayah Lockman
Renata Fernandez
Gerard Torbitt
Aimee Dyson
Dilan Boyraz
Ellie Long
Caitlin Penaluna
Joshua Wijsveld
Dawn Langley
Abbey Callaghan
Chloe Smith
Ross Deeley
Sam Dodgshon
James Scott
Austen Champion
Marian Lee
Emily Mitchell
Ella Luxton
Laura Socas
Catherine Bellamy
Kseniia Osetrova
Cyrus Ho
Emily Breakell
Elise Ruffell
Fin Tams-Gray
Yay Mona
Gabbie Gans
Mihai Grumazescu
Josh Dempsey
Anna Coviello
Magdalena Kyj
Minerva Campbell
Maria Clarke-Wilson

Get Involved

For more information about this project and others please contact Natalie Kay on 020 8417 4074 or email n.kay@kingston.ac.uk.