Kingston School of Art MFA: Floor Show


Kingston School of Art MFA: Floor Show

December 2020 | Exact dates to be confirmed

Kingston School of Art is proud to present this year’s MFA (Masters of Fine Art) graduate show, Floor Show. It is the final project in a series of exhibitions created by the MFA students over the two years of the course that have included the group shows Zerox and There is No New Thing Upon the Earth.

The exhibition’s title refers to David Bowie’s rock musical spectacular from 1973, The 1980 Floor Show, an experimental collaboration between Bowie and other artists that has languished in TV archives for many years after its initial airing on American TV. Its reappearance online has disinterred it as a cultural object and reinvigorated interest in a glamorous cultural oddity created against the backdrop of global economic and political volatility. Floor Show is seen by the group as a flamboyant metaphor for the gallery as a space of presentation, choreography, multi-media assemblages and awkward but productive juxtapositions.  Paintings, wall hangings, videos, audio works, sculptures, wall text and drawings sit along-side each other in the spaces of the Stanley Picker Gallery and will languish as forgotten images on the internet or be taken up and used by others. The works tackle themes such as power, social trauma, gender politics, the body and feminist science fiction.

Exhibiting Artists

Catherine Ball / Natdanai Bunsiri / Shahrzad Firouzjahan Tighi / Dasha Klopova / Andria Kyriakidou / Natalia Llamas / Tasneem Murtuza Moiz Lohani / Tom Norris / Maria Val

The students have completed an MFA in Fine Art at Kingston School of Art, a course that offers a unique blend of studio and theoretical training. While on the programme they have developed their practices while critically reflecting on and locating those practices within a changing social, political and cultural context.

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