Lobby Display: Go Bananas-A Cultural Melting Point


Lobby Display: Go Bananas-A Cultural Melting Point

The first exhibition by 9gsm Drawing Group

18-23rd June 2019

Exhibitors: Tanya Saggi, Luis Antonio Fernandez Parra, Yun Er Chang, Alessandra Rostagnotto, Clarisse Boulain, Changju Yang, Pei-Yu Liu, Andrea Gonsalves, Sarah Ee

“Multiculturalism is a situation in which all the different cultural or racial groups in a society have equal rights and opportunities, and none is ignored or regarded as unimportant.” Collins Dictionary

9gsm is a drawing group that formed in January 2019 with the aim of creating a space where members could practice observational drawing using physical materials. Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to be hosting their very first exhibition.

The collaborative write:

As Kingston School of Art MA Communication Design: Illustration and Graphic Design students we felt it would be beneficial for our practice as designers to focus purely on developing our drawing skills for a few hours every week. With nine members, we meet each week and draw anything and everything (each other, Lego, bananas…), in a relaxed, supportive and playful environment. Taking a fresh approach to drawing, to loosen the eye and the hand, to rethink the way marks are made on paper are at the fore of the groups’ ethos.

We chose the theme of multiculturalism for the exhibition because it reflects the diversity of our group, learning and collaborating in the cultural melting pot that is London, one of the most diverse cities in the world.

We consider it to be an educational and enriching experience to make work that expresses each persons’ perception and conception of multiculturalism, and to share this with each other and a wider audience. Hailing from four continents, Africa, Europe, Asia and South America, we recognise that there are many commonalities as well as differences that bring us together, whilst enhancing and influencing the ways we see the world.

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For more information about this project and others please contact Natalie Kay on 020 8417 4074 or email n.kay@kingston.ac.uk.