Student Showcase: Command + Shift

Student Showcase: Command + Shift

Exhibition and Workshop Series

Curated by MSc Project Management for Creative Practitioners, featuring MA Sustainable Design

24-25 July 2019

All welcome / No booking required

Students from the MSc Project Management for Creative Practitioners at Kingston School of Art have teamed up with the MA Sustainable Design students to produce a new exhibition and workshop series, Command + Shift which responds to the urgency of the crisis of unsustainable practices via conscious societal change. The exhibition, curated and managed by the MSc cohort will showcase MA Sustainable Design students’ work in progress, their insights and creative solutions. Command + Shift launches Wednesday 24 July with a special event in the evening and ends Thursday 25 July during which there will be an all day tutorial and opportunities for conversations with the exhibitors.

The curating team write:If we press ‘Command + Shift’ alone on a keyboard, however, nothing happens. We must add another key to effect an action. A search for this enabling other key, of which there are many, is the focus of each student on MA Sustainable Design. The projects presented here each represent the outcome of a quest for a functional way forward towards sustainability.


Wednesday 24 July
​11.30-12.00 Presentation – Little Eco Wariors
12.30-13.00 Workshop – How to make the world a better place
14.00-15.00 Workshop – An exercise in social design
14.00-15.00 Empathy Race!
15.30-17.00 KSAT Meeting
17.30-18.30 Special tour of exhibition with refreshment

Thursday 25 July
11.00-13.00 MA Sustainable Design Open Studio
14.00-17.00 MA Sustainable Design Open Studio

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