Lobby Display: Kingston MFA Fine Art present Blur

Lobby Display: Kingston MFA Fine Art present Blur

Stanley Picker Gallery Lobby
14-18 May 2019
Launch Event Wed 15 May 5-7pm

Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to support Blur, a small group show by two artists, Jin Hsieh and Shuwen Xue who are current MFA Fine Art students at Kingston School of Art.

Jin and Xue write:

Blur is an endless monologue, which exists between intrinsic and extrinsic of the human being in that we call as “a mirror relationship”. Most of the time we can not realize it, we only feel that what we are interested in and trying to analyze others in order to build up ourselves. The point is what you are seeing is actually a sort of self-projection. We believe that this is a long termed process of self-analysis as well as a self-examination that is a dialogue of internal and external.

Due to blur is vague, unclear and unbounded as well as a dialogue between materials and audiences. Based on above, we break and rebuild an accustomed perception of traditional materials by blurring the boundaries, breaking the outline, and also making unclear expressions without exact vocabularies for works, we just try as much as possible to explore infinite desire.

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For more information about this project and others please contact Natalie Kay on 020 8417 4074 or email n.kay@kingston.ac.uk.