Lobby Display: Alternative Unfoldment

Lobby Display: Alternative Unfoldment

16 – 18 June 2022 / Event 15 June 5-7pm, All Welcome

Stanley Picker Gallery is please to host Alternative Unfoldment, an exhibition of large-scale prints by Kingston School of Art MA Museum & Gallery Studies student, Lillian Liew, who has composed the below text.

Alternative Unfoldment focuses on the subjective view of Lillian Liew herself. The exhibition concept is included in reintroduced and emerged the contents of exhibitions or art institutions and the personal life pieces with several subjects.

“Museum studies remains a young field. It has not yet had time for ways of thinking and doing to settle.” (Grewcock, D., p. 5) As a MA Museum and Gallery studies student at Kingston University, Liew attempted to provide alternative ways to unfold her museum and gallery visiting experience from multiple art forms. In this exhibition, she focuses on drawing illustrations to produce artworks related to museum promotion and education, such as prints and paintings. This exhibition aims to display various angles of points that she has tried. As a starting point of her research, the result of the Alternative Unfoldment will be utilised as the foundation for the next stage of her academic research.

The collection ‘The Display’ is illustrated as a singular museum or gallery visiting experience. Each tableau is composed of architecture, tangible objects, and extended imagination. The surrealism style of works would present Liew’s position and feel of each show.

The collection ‘Play, Learn and Remake’ with three printing pieces is a concept about collecting scenes that could be memorable for the illustrator. Such as the landscape back home, the displays on her pinboard, and the museum she has visited are all combined into many pieces organised by date.

Lastly, the acrylic paintings ‘As an Audience’ collection focuses on audience development based on her museum visiting experiences.

Lillian Liew was born in Malaysia and raised in Taiwan. With her degree in design from her past education at the National Taiwan University of Art, she lives in London to study MA Museum and Gallery Studies at Kingston University. During the period of learning museology, sometimes she feels there are many points of view on experiencing the exhibitions in her mind, based on both a professional museum student and a typical audience. Once she realised this intriguing issue, she visualised her experiences, comments, and imagination by drawing through her IPAD and posting on her Instagram account named lillian_draftsss.

This display will form part of the annual Kingston Artist Open Studios, and Liew’s prints will be up for sale.

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