Lobby: 2020 REMET Art Prize

Lobby: 2020 REMET Art Prize

In collaboration with Kingston School of Art and AB Foundry

13 – 15 January | All Welcome

The Department of Fine Art at Kingston School of Art are delighted to showcase the Bronze objects made for the 2020 REMET Art Prize in collaboration with AB Foundry.

Remet are a company that provide materials to industry using the ceramic shell casting process. Remet, ‘looking for innovation more than a beautiful final object’ offered Fine Art students at Kingston University a competition to create a sculpture using the investment casting method, seeing what their creative thinking and practical skills set could do with the company’s process and materials. In 2020, six finalists were selected from the undergraduate Fine Art course and invited to make a small bronze object.

The finalists are; Faith McKie, Tim Wolf, Olive Ashford, David Allen, Storm Foster-Graham and Brandon Seedhouse

The Prize was on hold due to the pandemic and we are very happy to resume with the support of the KSA workshop staff.  The finished bronze objects will displayed at Stanley Picker Gallery Lobby 13-15 January, with a special event on Wednesday 12 January in which judges from Remet will select their winner. The judges are Bob Brown from REMET UK, Jerry Hughes from AB Fine Art Foundry, and Jo Addison from KSA.

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