Art Club: Artworks inspired by Katrin Plavčak

Katrin resting in the Air (2019) by Aliyah, King Athelstan Primary. "I was inspired by Katrin painting herself as a guitar in her artworks at Stanley Picker Gallery, and all the different colours that she uses. Katrin used her imagination so I tried to use mine"
The Fishy and the Whale (2019) by Harry, King Athelstan Primary. "Katrin's Under the Thumb inspired me because it has a lot going on. In my artwork it's the opposite! The figure in Democracy Fatigue Syndrome reminded me of someone sleeping or dreaming at the bottom of the ocean."
Guitar City (2019) by Elliot. "I love to draw cities, and so inspired by Katrin I decided to draw a city made out of guitars"
The Moon Holiday (2019) by Elspeth. "This is inspired by Katrin, because Katrin is inspired by the world around her, and her dreams - this is a dream that I had"
Classic (2019) by Lola. "These are leaders because that is what I am"
The Wonders of Imagination (2019) by Elena. "This is inspired by Katrin Plavčak's wild imagination and crazy ideas that she has painted, and put up in the gallery for all to see"
The Eye (2019) by Nishka. "This is inspired by the way Katrin took from all the images in her head when painting, and then just threw anything form her imagination in"
The Little Gallery (2019) by Sam. "I was inspired to use different parts of Katrin's artwork to make one picture".

Art Club: Artworks inspired by Katrin Plavčak

“and another idea…”

King Athelstan Primary School Art Club

Inspired by Katrin Plavčak Haus der Lose / House of Lots

February 2019

Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to showcase above a selection of new works made pupils from King Athelstan Primary Art Club,  a weekly gathering for young artists across Key Stage 3.

Art Clubbers 2019: Aiden, Aliyah, Charlie, Elena, Elliot, Elspeth, Harry, Joshan, Lola, Nishka, Sam, with Mrs Barr.

During the programme, with workshops tailored to meet the interests and requirements of individual groups, the young artists named above have been investigating the practice of painter and musician Katrin Plavčak – her influences and creative processes, and her recent Stanley Picker Gallery exhibition Haus der Lose / House of Lots. Artists shared their personal interpretations, ideas about contemporary politics and issues of the day, along with their personal preoccupations through free-writing, drawing, collage, zine-making and animated discussion.

We hope that you enjoy this small sample of what they have been up to!

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