Community Advent Calendar: Window Number 12

Number 12

Community Advent Calendar: Window Number 12

Moon Gate

Window number 12 of Mill Street Residents Community Advent Calendar

By Kingston University MFA student, Marin Jacob

Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to once again be participating in the Mill Street Residents Assoiation Community Advent Calendar. This year our window has been designed by current Kingston School of Art MFA student, Marin Jacob. Marina will also be exhibiting as part of Forced Empathy, a group showcase taking place in Stanley Picker Gallery Lobby and Project Studio 12-13 December.

Marina writes

Moon Gate has deep spiritual meaning in Chinese culture. A perfection of the full moon is a promise of a happy life, renewal and is symbolic for the connection of different worlds. In this way it brings to attention a unity of two venues and references a magnificent architectural element of the Dorich House Museum.

The opening in the material allow the Gallery lights to form a twelve constellations vista framed by the semi-circle of the starry sky. The other half of the work, less “material” has its references in the Light and Space minimalist movement and the Olafur Eliasson’s works. It is a colorful kaleidoscope of transparent “sticky notes”, where the most famous twelves of the mankind find their place: the Olympians, the knights of the round table, the Apostles, labors of Hercules as well as La Fontain’s fables. This is as well a filter the visitor sees the inside of the Gallery through and at the same time the frame rendering the outside for the viewer from the inside.

Marina Jacob is a postgraduate student from Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and previously studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL.

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