P!CKER, PART III: Participation

P!CKER, PART III: Participation

Local residents present new work inspired by Elaine Lustig Cohen & Celine Condorelli

Celebration Event 6 December 4-7pm / Open until 9 Dec

Free Entry / All Welcome

Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to present P!CKER, PART III, a display of works in progress by the participants of workshops inspired by P!CKER, PART I: Looking Backward to Look Forward feat. Elaine Lustig Cohen and P!CKER, PART II: Prologue by Céline Condorelli – the latter of which is installed in the main gallery space until 27 January.

Featuring: Welmede Grange Collective, King Athelstan Primary, Epsom Primary, St Luke’s C of E Primary, St Andrew’s & St Mark’s C of E, Hinchley Wood Secondary School, and Kingston University BA Psychology.

The two-part programme of P!CKER explores how and why people reach certain artistic decisions, creative legacy, notions of authorship, and approaches to curating. In the words of exhibition curator Prem Krishnamurthy it “proffers a particular proposition: that curating, design, and other artistic pursuits in our present times must eschew the promotion of perfect products, instead presenting the creative process itself, with its plurality of positive outcomes and periodic faux pas”

Workshop participants explored P!CKER parts I & II, where they admired the “colourful”, “unexpected” and “mind and body bending” installations. They debated the “randomness” of our shared cultural heritage, and the perceived narrative of (anyone’s) artistic legacy as delivered by individual makers and close associates, versus curators and those with no connection. During their visits, groups participated in a number of activities – among them, free writing, instinct drawing, collage, interviews with artists, dust jacket design, and re-imagining (with only minor controversy!) the artwork of their peers.

Alongside this, some groups embarked upon special guided tours around Kingston School of Art studios and Library where degree students are currently engrossed in preparing for their own end of year shows. Amid nosing through sketchbooks, the lucky Stanley Picker artists were invited to quiz the said students about their techniques and inspirations, and – mindful of artistic legacies – drew up design proposals for new works inspired by the pieces that most fervently spoke to them.

Outcomes of these experiences, co-curated by workshop participants, will be exhibited both online and onsite in Stanley Picker Lobby 6-9 December, with a scaled down display installed until 21 December.

The Gallery team have been impressed by imagination and design skills of all, and hope that you will join us in celebrating their achievements.

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