Kingston Open Studios 2024

(Left) Rick Smith Eye Music (2024) Collage, gouache and acrylic painting (Right) Pawel Zoladek City and Shore (2024) Photograph and digital print. Courtesy the artists. 

Rick Smith Strict Rhythm #3 (2024) Collage, gouache and acrylic painting. Courtesy the artist.

Pawel Zoladek City and Shore (2024) Photograph and digital print. Courtesy the artist.

Kingston Open Studios 2024

11 – 25 May | Open Tuesday to Saturday 11-5pm

Stanley Picker Gallery are excited to be part of Kingston Open Studios 2024 with an exhibition of works by local artists Rick Smith and Pawel Zoladek. Kingston Open Studios 2024 will run over three weekends in May and is organised by KAOS a group of professional, semi-professional and experienced artists living and working in the Kingston area.

Also, join us on Saturday afternoons for a live demonstration by Rick Smith of his practice. Exact timing to be announced.

City and Shore by Pawel Zoladek

I’ve moved on from my previous interest in street photography, where people in close up are the focus. These images explore the mystery of humans seen in large spaces: the enclosed concrete of the London Barbican, or the sweeping open shores of Sussex, the viewer free to observe or identify, perhaps create narratives for the distant human

instagram: @lookingthoughthekeyhole

Eye Music by Rick Smith

­­I listen to music whilst painting and am interested in the interaction of two senses – hearing and sight. Music has a formal visual form that can be translated by those trained to read it. Using a painter’s tools of colour, tone, shape, structure, juxtaposition etc I am attempting to render what I hear, visually. This series of works that strive to manifest the experience of sound by using a visual language.

They are not all inspired by music, some represent other aural input – random sounds from a neighbour’s children playing, the tuning of an old radio etc. Some are inspired by different styles of music: a marching band, pop song or an orchestral work. But all have in common the translation of sound into an intuitive visual rendering, hopefully in its way as satisfying, surprising and rich as the original.

instagram: @ricksmithart
Also exhibiting at KAOS Venue 24 – 43 Arundel Road, Kingston KT1 3RX.