Participation Exhibition: Inky Fingers

Participation Exhibition: Inky Fingers

Local residents present new work inspired by Michael Marriott “You say Volvo, I say Potato…”

Celebration Event 14 November 4-7pm / Open until 17 November

Free Entry / All Welcome

Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to present Inky fingers, a display of new art and design works by the participants of workshops inspired by “You say Volvo, I say Potato…” – an installation of experimental print by acclaimed product and furniture designer Michael Marriott, exhibited in our main gallery space until 15 December.

Featuring: The Grange Collective, The Gate, King Athelstan Primary,  St Luke’s C of E Primary, Bedelsford School, Grey Court Sixth Form, Womens’ Institute Worcester Parkers, Big Draw Participants, and other members of Kingston University and the general public.

As a culmination of his Stanley Picker Design Fellowship at Kingston University, Michael Marriott’s “You say Volvo, I say Potato…”, is a new solo show that investigates alternative means of marking and colouring plywood with methods that don’t rely on out-sourced services but rather on manual processes, such as potato printing…or in this case, printing a 2003 sulphur yellow Volvo!

During the programme, with workshops tailored to meet the interests and requirements of individual groups, participants learnt about Michael Marriott’s practice, influences, and creative processes, while sharing their personal interpretations, ideas and preoccupations through free-writing, drawing, printing, textile design, zine-making, and animated discussion. They questioned the blurred lines between art, design and craftsmanship, discussed themes of use and re-use that permeate the show, and took trips down memory lane – sharing car stories, and nostalgic associations with the colour yellow.

While visiting Marriott’s “awesome”, “clever” and “imaginative” exhibition, participants created prints using car parts and reimagined the possible functions of vehicle components that were ‘saved’ by the designer. Primary school pupils from King Athelstan and St Luke’s also made proposals for the potential repurpose of other unwanted or broken products, such as drawing materials made from plane dust, cinema seats from another old car, and bags made from a hat.

Like the designer, all experimented with different approaches to mark-making and graphic design, by recognising the print potential of the objects surrounding them – including the contents of an Art Classroom, recyclables, and excess packaging. Most artists created their own designs which were transferred onto papers, plywood, and textile products including t-shirts, art packs, and recycled tote bags. Grey Court Sixth Form, took experimentation a step further and deconstructed and re-purposed their run-down school piano. It became a ‘another potato’ – a tool for the fabrication of new art and design objects, much like Marriott’s Volvo.

Outcomes of these experiences, co-curated by workshop participants, will be exhibited onsite in Stanley Picker Lobby and Project Studio 15-17 November, with a special public preview 14 November 4-7pm.

The Gallery team have been impressed by imagination and design skills of all, and hope that you will join us in a browse of their ‘designer collections’ and celebrating their achievements.

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