Barang-Barang: British Sign Language Tour

Installation of ‘Barang-Barang’ by Erika Tan at Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, London.

Barang-Barang: British Sign Language Tour

26 March 2022 1.30pm
Starts at Stanley Picker Gallery

Free | Booking Essential

As part of Erika Tan’s Stanley Picker Fellowship project Barang-Barang, a series of workshops and tours are taking place at Stanley Picker Gallery and our partner venue, Dorich House Museum.

On Saturday 26 March, Martin Glover will lead a British Sign Language tour of the exhibition at the Gallery, with refreshments included. Visitors booked on the tour will then be transported to the Museum, to view Tan’s interventions across the Museum and the impressive site in general. The tour will end at the Museum where transport back in to Kingston can be arranged or alternative public transport advised.

Barang-Barang is a multi-faceted installation containing collected objects, materials and moving-image works produced over the course of Erika Tan’s Stanley Picker Fellowship. The project explores the value and relevance given to the material traces and afterlives of objects made, collected, discarded or valued by others, responding to local specificities, personal collections and historical connections that the artist encountered, from coconut coir mills in Kingston upon Thames to the speculative entanglements that she weaves between different events, places and people.

Martin Glover is a Deaf Architect and an established BSL tour guide and facilitator in galleries and museums, covering a wide spectrum of themes including architecture, art and social issues. He is currently part of the cohort on Engage’s Extend Leadership programme, researching the theme of inclusion and leadership. As a recent co-founder of the Digitspace project, he secured a grant to lead a nationwide social cohesion programme to increase deaf awareness in arts venues whilst running workshops to encourage deaf people to become guides in these venues.

Erika Tan is an artist and curator whose work is primarily research-led and manifests itself in multiple formats such as moving image, publications, curatorial and participatory projects. Appointed to the Stanley Picker Fellowships at Kingston University in 2018, she is Course Leader of the MA in Fine Art, Reader in Contemporary Art Practice in Central Saint Martins and an Associate Researcher in the Decolonising Art Institute, UAL (London). Tan’s most recent research has focused on the postcolonial and transnational, working with archival artifacts, exhibition histories, received narratives, contested heritage, subjugated voices and the transnational movement of ideas, people and objects; her future projects point towards the digitization of collective cultural memory and cloud architecture through the prism of ruins, hauntings, and mnemonic collapse. Tan’s work has been exhibited, collected and commissioned internationally including: The Diaspora Pavilion (Venice Biennale 2017); Artist and Empire (Tate Touring, National Gallery Singapore 2016/7); Come Cannibalise Us, Why Don’t You (NUS Museum, Singapore 2014); There Is No Road (LABoral, Spain 2010); Thermocline of Art (ZKM, Germany 2007); Around The World in Eighty Days (South London Gallery / ICA 2007); The Singapore Biennale (2006); Cities on the Move (Hayward Gallery, London). Recent curatorial projects include Sonic Soundings/Venice Trajectories.

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