winc films: we contain multitudes

winc films: we contain multitudes

17 – 28 October, Opening Event Wednesday 18 October 5 – 7pm | All Welcome

winc films films are a collective of filmmakers from the MA film making course at Kingston School of Art with members from and in the UK, Spain, Finland, Colombia, USA, Brazil, India, Italy, Cuba, Switzerland, Pakistan, Germany, China, Sri Lanka, Malta and Japan.

Founded in 2009 by Petra Niskanen, Sabela Pernas Soto, Claudia Vasquez-Raimíez and Abbe Leigh Fletcher as women’s independent collective films to travel to Cuba for Humberto Solas’ Cine Pobre No-Budget Film Festival, from which came the film El camino hacia Gibara/The Road to Gibara (2010). From 2019, to mark 10 years of the collective, new members are invited each year to join the collective.

From our original manifesto: Our aims are to tackle gender inequality through film and challenge established hierarchical modes of production by working collectively across continents. To make filmmaking more accessible to women and girls and to constructively celebrate international women’s perspectives through film. Instagram: @wincfilms

winc films we contain multitudes is an installation of winc filmmakers’ work, a public screening and Q&A and an invitation to new members. We will be using the Stanley Picker Project Studio as both exhibition space and studio space to show work and to get together as a collective, both in person and online, to discuss new projects and plan future collaborations.

Join us for a public screening of winc films followed by a Q&A on Wednesday 18th October 5 – 7pm.

Session for students and alumni: Thursday 19th Oct 14.00-16.00

Selected Filmography:

Future Ruins Future Archives winc with Ben Kelly, 2023
Look but with Love Mariam Majid, 2023
Trip to Heaven Mariam Majid, 2023
Hans Coper Spade Vase Abbe Leigh Fletcher, 2023
Suspended in Time winc, 2022
When I Knew Mari Yamamoto, 2021
You, Me & Structural Racism Sandra Volcere, 2020
Hopelessly devoted to me Edited by Cristina Barillari
100 years of Chinese Animation Ziyi Xu
Intervals winc, 2021
The Origin: An Experiment in Living winc, 2021
Sounds from the Satellite Louise Sands
Among the trees Sarah Laura Hauenstein
Inside Out Sarah Laura Hauenstein
Meet Alice Amy Spiteri
Railwaywomen winc, 2018
Uncertain Maya Sinharathna, 2014
First Trip Away Abbe Leigh Fletcher & Sabela Pernas Soto, 2014
Eyes on the City: Glimpses of Medellin winc, 2011
The Road to Gibara/El camino hacia Gibara winc, 2010

In 2011 the European Parliament awarded workshops the Charlemagne National Winners for Finland.