We Are Publication: Live Event 02

Wednesday 4 December 5-7pm | All Welcome

As the final live event to conclude t  h  e      H O L D by We Are Publication, the structure occupying the gallery space will host a series of multi-format presentations by current and new We Are Publication artists including readings, soundworks, performances and screenings.

Drinks from 5pm
Performances start 5.30pm

The live event will feature contributions by George Charman, Rachel Cattle, Jenna Collins, Bruce Haines, Mark Harris, Phil Hollins, John Hughes,  Simon Josebury, Dean Kenning, Liu Mankun, Li Xiaoqiao, Li Zi Rui Rose, Katy Macloed, Christian Newby,  Mónica Rivas Velásquez,  Joey Ryken, Edward Sanderson, Andrea Stokes, Charlotte Warne Thomas, Mark Aerial Waller, Wong Ka Ying, Ron Yakir and others.