Spaces of Enquiry

Spaces of Enquiry

4, 7 – 9 May 11am – 5pm | Opening event Tuesday 7 May 5-7pm, All welcome

Stanley Picker Gallery are excited to present an exhibition of works by Kingston School of Art students in response to interdisciplinary collaborations with scientific researchers across the wider Kingston University Network, exploring collective ways of knowing the world, and opening new spaces of enquiry.

Both artists and scientists collectively search for alternative ways of knowing the world, to question it, and to disrupt the status quo. By working in tandem, art/science collaborations can collectively imagine new ways that defy conventional thinking and open new spaces of enquiry.​ The ART/SCIENCE project, run by Print Fellow Neeli Malik, partnered fifteen BA Fine Art students with six STEM-based researchers in a range of fields, including psychology, ecology, computer science, sociology, and aerospace engineering. The project involved a series of dialogue-exchanges, workshops, artist talks, gallery visits, research-building sessions and group critiques. The exhibition ‘SPACES OF ENQUIRY’ is a culmination of this project,  including works by both art students and researchers in response to each other, and celebrates the exchange of ideas between the arts and sciences.

Exhibiting Students: Mia Burrows / Jas Sproule / Tania Pourashraf / John Ehrman / Brian Lee / Iris Murray / George Stokes / Sid Dipasca / Leslie Li / Beth Golding / Oliver Kettles / Maxine Lystor / Millie Stubbs / Benji Xu / Berit Tang

Research participants: Emma Underwood / Dr Makayla Lewis / Tamsin Mynett / Senan Coughlan-Hopkins / Robert S Amato Lastman