Somewhere Else

Haijie Wang Somewhere Else (2024) oil on canvas

Somewhere Else

27 – 28 March 11am – 5pm | Opening event Tuesday 26 March 4-7pm, all welcome!

Somewhere Else is a collection of paintings completed during Haijie Wang’s academic stay at Kingston School of Art.

Haijie explores the deep emotional and mental state of people in contemporary social situations. The characters in the paintings become insignificant individuals in the vast world, and Haijie tries to depict their loneliness, disquiet and alienation. She aims to capture realities deep in the souls of human beings and reflect their universal mental state in order to gain more resonance.

The landscapes in the paintings surpass the surface impression of reality, with traces  of surrealistic abstraction. The paintings demonstrate the complex emotional experience of human beings, Intertwined with desolation, melancholy, mystery and other unexplainable artistic conceptions.

Haijie Wang (b. 1981) is a painter. She is currently a visiting academic in Kingston School of Art, Kingston University, London. She is an art lecturer from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, China.

Special thanks to: Jake Abrams, Emilly Saunderson, Faith McKie, Tao Lin.