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Publication as Exhibition

15 – 22 December, PV 14 December 4-6pm | All Welcome

An Exhibition of publications by the Level 5 and 6 students of the BA Fine Art and BA Fine Art and Art History courses at KSA. This is the 6th year that students from Fine Art have responded to the open brief of Publication as Exhibition. The publication both digitally and physically has continued to be an essential, creative, conceptual, alternate space for artists to explore and disseminate their practice and ideas.

The Folium Award

We are pleased to announce that Fine Art will again be working with Folium Publishers who award a student prize every year, giving the winning student a chance to work with Folium and realise their publication into an edition.

Past Folium Award Winners
2022/23 – Ella Price
2021/2 – Kelly Sleep
2020/21 – George Stewart Sandall and Sumnima Garbuja

2024 Contributors
Anukis Richards
Charlotte Dean
Kitty Culpeper – Gausden
Tania Pourashraf
Satvik Garg
Eleanor Cook
Iris Murray
Eliza Tilbrook
Leslie Li
Georgina Neal
Leone Ellis
John Ehrman
Liliana Henriques
Nadir Salih
Matthew Mason
Lola Davis
Eleanor Wilders
Molly Lever
Noah Sharp
George Stokes
Fintan Lewis
Tom Parker
Whitney Muwazi
Berit Tang
Alice Carvalheiro
Olivia Joplin
Hongyu Guan
Benjamin Tahsin
Katharine Roberts
Hailey Lee
Mia Burrows
Louise Mariani-McIntyre
Vera Crisostomo
Alice Neves
MiaoYing Huang
Yinyi Song
Maxine De Beer
Amy Stewart
Villitta Belle
Amy Johnston
Abbie Ingram
Puikeih Lam
Lauren Gerrard
Lei liang
Xuanmo Zhou
Sid Di Pasca
Felicity Man
Jas Sproule
Isabella Gent
Xiufan Xu
Jessie Zhuo
Brian Lee
Sophie Smith
Anna Willkomm
Olivia Michael
Lena Evans
Lily Vowles
Ruby Morgan
Flo West
Milly McCartney
Maria Avramidou
Izzy Warren
Maxine Lystor
Maryam Miah
Samuel Johnson
Eve Donaldson
Dominique Bailey-B
Kanglei Liu
Izzy Warren
Ji Hwan Bang

Get Involved

For more information about this project and others please contact Natalie Kay on 020 8417 4074 or email