Handling Data

Handling Data

21 – 25 March, event Tuesday 21 March 5-7:00pm | All Welcome

Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to be hosting Handling Data, a group-exhibition curated by George Kirkup Delph, showcasing an interrogation of the role data plays in the modern world. As form follows function, the explanation of the exhibition is derived from an artificial writing tool as follows:

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write a gallery brochure for an exhibition
about data. How data can be used to
understand human behaviour. How data can be
tactile, playful and fun. How through 3D
representations of data, we can gain new

Welcome to our Gallery Exhibition about Data!
Data has become increasingly important in our
lives, and understanding how data can be used
to understand human behaviour is becoming
increasingly important. This exhibition
explores the many creative ways data can be
expressed graphically, to uplift, engage, and
educate. We invite you to experience a new
way of thinking about data: tactile, playful,
and fun.

From life-sized physical representations of
charts to engaging interactive data
visualisations, come explore the latest
trends in data art and design. Our team of
professional data visualisation experts have
created unique works that bring the power of

What is Data?

At first glance, data may look like numbers
and tables, but data plays a powerful role in
helping us better understand human behavior
and how we interact with the world around us.
An exhibition of data as an interactive,
tactile, playful, and fun experience can help
us to further appreciate and explore this
complex topic.

This exhibition dives into how data can be
used to develop new and innovative insights
into the behavior of people. Featuring a mix
of interactive activities, 3D
representations, textiles and animations,
each exhibit invites visitors to experience
data in a hands-on way that helps bring it to

Welcome to the Data Visualization Exhibition!
Our exhibition explores the captivating power
of data to help us understand human
behaviour. Through 3D representations, unique
and tactile interactive media, and fun
explorations into the way we use data, this
exhibition will help you gain a greater
understanding of the role data plays in all
aspects of our lives.

Data is relevent to everything we do, from
the decisions we make to the relationships we
form. With 3D representations, it’s possible
to navigate through large amounts of data
quickly and in an interactive way, allowing
us to gain greater insights into how humans

Data: A Look into the Future

Welcome to our exhibition about data and the
possibilities of understanding human behavior
through data-driven discoveries. From data
visualization to 3D images and interactive
experiences, through this exhibition we aim
to show you the potential of data in a
tactile, playful, and fun way.

Data has become an increasingly important
part of our lives and it is used in almost
every field today. Its ability to capture
quantitative information about our
environment and people can open up new
insights for us that can benefit both
individuals and society. Additionally, it
allows us to make connections between
different sets of information that help us.


Bethany Kelleghan McGurk
Cameron Aitken
Daisy Jones
George Kirkup Delph
Kieren Roberts
Latifa Powell