Fellowship Talk: Erika Tan ‘Cocoanuts are independent travellers’

Image credit: Erika Tan (2018) Featuring DDKPTF Coconut fibre works, Millwall, London, 1885.

Fellowship Talk: Erika Tan ‘Cocoanuts are independent travellers’

Kingston School of Art Main Lecture Theatre

Wednesday 20 March, 5pm

Free / All Welcome

Stanley Picker Gallery’s 2018 appointed Fellow in Fine Art Erika Tan will be presenting her second Fellowship talk ‘Coconuts are independent travellers’, on Wednesday 20 March 5pm, in the Kingston School of Art Main Lecture Theatre. Tan will discuss the development of her research and practice, her upcoming onsite residency, and broad plans for exhibition here at the Gallery.

The artist’s most recent research has focused on the history the Gallery’s island location – a site of production and former Cocoanut Mill – along the Hogsmill River, and her mother’s lifetime body of artwork. Tan works with archival artefacts, exhibition histories, received narratives, contested heritage, subjugated voices, and the transnational movement of ideas, people and objects; her future projects point towards the digitization of collective cultural memory and cloud architecture through the prism of ruins, hauntings, and mnemonic collapse.

This event is open to everyone, and requires no booking. Following the talk we welcome all to join us for drinks at Stanley Picker Gallery, 6-7pm.

Stanley Picker Fellows in Design The Decorators, also appointed in 2018, will present in the same location on Wednesday 13 March, 5pm.