07 – 11 February, event Tuesday 07 February 5-6:30pm | All Welcome

Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to be hosting Conceptua-Auto-Documenta, an exhibition by Jie Sun, showcasing an autobiographical conceptual Documenta that focuses on Jie Sun’s current PhD research in virtual jewellery. 

The exhibition is a compilation and review of Jie Sun’s contemporary jewellry work from her ten years of study in Europe, from Milan (Italy) to Munich (Germany) to London (UK). It is also a self-logical observation and self-practice analysis of how to transition from traditional metal jewellry to virtual jewellry research. This is applied through autoethnography methodology as a research approach that aspires to translate self-experiential practice into a collective contribution process. 

The exhibition is designed within a limited labyrinth of space using duo mediums. The first medium is several folding screens acting as a spatial transformation. The screens also act as display carriers and provide a backdrop for the second medium which will be jewellry pieces. These will be suspended above the display space, guiding the viewer through their immersive experience of the exhibition. Chronological events will categorise the jewellery pieces into individual panels of screens as part of artwork. The overall design will later be digitally made and mirrored into a virtual space community as a part of practice project for my PhD research on virtual jewellery. 

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